In times of national conflicts, when a country is under siege, there are always those few patriots who will stand up no matter the challenge and heed the call to serve. And so when a private citizen heard of the attack by and Islamic terrorist, on those unarmed Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee and of the military’s refusal to protect its own serviceman and woman, a Virginia patriot decided to take it upon himself to protect a military recruitment center in Winchester, Virginia, with a fully loaded AR-15 carbine.

It seems that the American spirit is indeed alive and well regardless of what the mainstream media and the political elite might attempt to spin.

The patriot who asked not to be identified stood guard outside the recruitment center because a law passed in the 90’s prohibits those in uniform to carry weapons, and of course rather than amend the law immediately, this administration would rather once again attempt to ignore the carnage, attend a Broadway show, and to be finally “shamed” (if that’s possible) into lowering the American Flag at half-staff, five days after the tragedy of those 4-unarmed Marines, and 1-sailor gunned down, by yet another radical Islamic terrorist.

Perhaps if other patriot citizens heed the call and do what this brave citizen is doing, perhaps those within congress would also be “shamed” into taking action… America no doubt is under siege, by both radical Islamic terrorists and by government that no longer seems to work.

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