Shlomo Rechnitz is a California philanthropist and entrepreneur. Not too long ago he and his family were traveling to Israel.

They had the opportunity to take in the sights at a Shannon, Ireland airport while on lay-over.

While there they observed roughly 400 United States soldiers sitting around on the floor eating their meals out of lunch sacks.

Juxtapose this with other airport patrons dining in bistros and airport sidewalk café type establishments, and Mr. Rechnitz decided to do something about what he viewed to be egregious oversight.

In the video clip, you will see Mr. Rechnitz, thank our men and women for their service. He then puts up $50.00 per person, so that they too might parking in the ambiance of dining like any other person in the airport.  He was met with cheers, and rightly so.

Our service men and women are set apart. They should be. They do the things we don’t. They run head-on into the fight.

They deserve our utmost respect, be it a functioning VA, better travel accommodations, or even a real meal while traveling that does not consist of them sitting on their rucksacks eating out of a paper bag.

Our Armed Forces personnel should be set apart on a pedestal. Thank you Mr. Rechnitz for reminding us of that.

Source: Mad World News



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