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Abuses in disability benefits have hit an all new high. Meet Roger Tullgren, a 42 year old male with no missing limbs, no diseases, no broken bones or anything of the sort. He's an able-bodied adult who claims he is owed disability benefits because he is addicted... to heavy metal music. As in rock and roll.

disabled because of addiction to rock and roll

After doing my own silent scream followed by a litany of colorful phrases that would make Lucifer himself blush with envy, the details from Tullgren's case get even more surreal.

Originally from Sweden, Roger Tullgren claims that his addiction to heavy metal music took over his life starting at 2 years old while listening to Black Sabbath. Ever since, he has been handicapped by the addiction to heavy metal music, feeling compelled to attend rock concerts, up to 300 events in one year alone.

His attire, long black hair, skull and crossbone jewelry, and over-all appearance is also detrimental to gaining meaningful employment, or so Tullgren claims. In order to pay for all of these things, he claims there was no choice but to go on welfare.

Shortly after repairing my own computer desk from the expected knee-jerk reaction, I learned that Roger has recently landed a part-time job. Washing dishes isn't a glorious management position, but at least it's an income. Still requiring benefits because that income isn't a high paying source of funds, he can get a note from his doctor stating that Roger needs time off for his addiction, forcing any company he is working for to capitulate to his lifestyle.

disabled by heavy metal music

His current boss allows Roger to take time off for concerts, dress however he feels like, and lets him play heavy metal music while washing dishing, so long as it doesn't bother the paying customers in the front end of the establishment.

Bad things do happen to good people, and when they are injured and need a safety net to survive, that is one thing. To buckle under this obvious ruse and fork over money to support a destructive lifestyle is one of the worst moves ever made by any government official. I don't care how many years Roger Tullgren's doctor has held a degree in medicine, that particular document with MD on it needs to be revoked.

Feeling anger over this is easily understood, but the inherent danger from this type of gifting to the socially insane is easily missed. Having a government agree to stupidity is one thing, but if they truly have the power to grant money to anyone they feel like, then what happens to those who are truly in need and get told to go away due to a limited cash supply?

Then again, considering the intelligence of the current Democratic base and their army of Liberal talking-heads, deep down, I'm not totally surprised some middle aged burned-out metal head was able to shake money out of our hard earned taxes.

disability due to rock and roll



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