“Hurry up, N****r.”

That was the oh-so-sweet plea from a road-raged nut in a Jack-in-the Box drive-thru, to the woman ahead of him.

This did not happen in Baltimore or Ferguson. This happened in that gloriously enlightened liberal paradise of Santa Barbara County, California.   Aaaah….utopia.

The woman was in the car with her son, placing her order when this transpired. Now, granted, there are those folks who decide the drive-up is the place to study the menu, seemingly for the first time, rather than roll up and order what you know they serve, and move on.

This frustrates many of us, but we don’t get out of our cars, make a bee-line for the offending patron ahead of us and insult them. We just wait our turn.

How would you deal with this? Chances are a swear word or two directing the nutcase what to do with himself would escape your lips.

Not this fine lady. She killed him with kindness. When it came time to pay, she took care of her order and that of the scumbag’s behind her.


“We are not N*****s! We forgive you [happy face] Enjoy you dinner! [heart]”

Another teachable moment in how we should all rise above hatred, racism, and in this the case the stupidity that comes with both on occasion.

Source: Mad World News

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