In a disturbing scene caught on video by an NBC Los Angeles news helicopter, eleven sheriff’s deputies ran down and beat a man after he fled from an investigation on a horse.

The video shows Francis Jared Pusok, a man apparently under investigation for identity theft, falling from the stolen horse and afterwards being shot with Tasers by pursuing deputies. The man falls to the ground and puts his hands behind his back, but the deputies don’t stop the assault.

With his hands behind his back and lying face-down in the sand, deputies continued to assault him, kicking him over a dozen times, in the head and groin, and punching him over three dozen times. Additionally, one of the deputies caught on video used the butt of his Taser to strike Pusok repeatedly.

In a time in America where the use of violent and deadly force by police officers is increasingly under investigation, the lack of public blow-up about this instance is telling.

While other publicized attacks by police officers have resulted in the deaths of their victims, the violence and completeness of the attack captured by NBC ranks it among the most disturbing.

With the violence and horror of the attack substantiated, however, the question arises of why this attack hasn’t garnered the attention as that of the shooting of Michael Brown or the recent South Carolina shooting.

Unfortunately it appears that the media and America’s attention live with a double standard. While sympathies are extended and tempers flare on all police brutality occasions, it is becoming obvious that the victim’s race and color of skin matter in media attention.

No celebrities are referencing the event, no riots have been staged, and in fact, no one outside of some news media in California and the victim’s family seem to be overly worried about the situation.

It’s time to stop living a double-standard, America. Police brutality is wrong and should be punished. But it should be enforced equally and deserve the same attention, no matter the color of the skin of the victim.



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