What is interesting about this story is the sheer absurdity of it, in that a benign incident of people simply bowing their heads before eating their lunch in a food court, would result in a security guard being called by a store manager, to apparently put a stop to the ‘head bowing”.

And according to reports both the manager and security guard working at this shopping mall in Dublin Georgia are facing immense criticism for their obvious insensitive and intrusive response.

The group was about to eat lunch, and had bowed their heads to  say grace when they were approached by a security guard telling them they could not pray, and then informed by the manager that “congregating, soliciting, and disturbances” are not tolerated in the area.

The mall manager continued saying that prayer is not allowed at the mall because “this is private property.” One of the women in the group claimed.

“I said, “Sir, are you saying that people who eat in the food court can’t bow their heads and pray”?

The response from the store manager “No ma’am”, however that’s exactly what he said.

One wonders what would happen if a clergymen wearing a collar came in to eat lunch at this food court and began making the “sign of the cross”, would the security guard attempt to stop him? The absurdity lies in the fact that this mall has actually alienated a large segment of its customers, by a stupid action.

Source: American News

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