We are increasing living in a nation that has Christianity on the defense. While our government will prosecute anyone who even speaks negatively about Islam in relationship to terrorism Christians are trying to be silenced.

The Obama administration has done far more to protect Islam from any attacks despite being a religion that has a culture that will not follow our laws and customs.

This attitude was in full display when a Navy Seal was speaking the Gospel at a Texas mall recently.

This guy makes Paul Blart look like a genius.

More from Conservative Post:

According to American Military News, the footage shows a mall cop try to kick a Navy SEAL out of a Texas mall because he was talking about religion in a private conversation.

After hearing the combat veteran talking privately about the Gospel to his friends, the mall cop interrupts them and says that they aren’t allowed to discuss religion on private property.

He then threatens to charge them with criminal trespassing if they don’t leave.

That’s when things get messy.

Do you think this Navy Seal is being attacked unnecessarily? Should he be allowed to speak about God at the mall or is this Mall Cop in the right?

Please tell us how you feel in the comments below.



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