President Obama has certainly aligned himself with some interesting people over the years from Reverend Jeremiah White to Al Sharpton. In 2007 while Obama was campaigning for the White House he marched with Malik Zulu Shabazz, the former leader of the New Black Panther party. Obama and his campaign were well aware of Shabazz's position within the party, and they even proudly displayed their support of the New Black Panther Party Obama's campaign '08 website.

In light of recent events between the black community and police officers Shabazz has once again reared his ugly head, but this time instead of marching with Obama during a campaign, he's running a campaign of his own: to bring harm to "white America." He is calling for the black community and the New Black Panther Party to "build up an army" to attack police in 2015. He even urged his supporters to, "build up that army. Right now it’s time for us to build up those corps, those troops. It’s time to get strong. It’s time for lifting weights and working out and going to the gun range and all of that."


While it may seem like they're just looking for justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Shabazz made it obvious that this is a race issue when he said that there will be times when it's, "gonna seem tragic to white America and may even shock our own consciences." They're not looking for justice, Shabazz and his supporters are looking for bloodshed and to over power white people in America.

Since Obama supported Shabazz and marched with him in 2007, there is the possibility that Obama still supports him, especially since Obama is so quick to cry racism in America. Hopefully, Obama will do the right thing and condemn the blatant racism coming from the likes of Shabazz, unfortunately, that seems unlikely. Especially since Obama's modus operandi of late has been to divide the nation on race, as opposed to uniting it.



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