Obamacare may cost you a lot more than you originally thought. That is the new statement released as information from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). February 15, 2015 is the new deadline to have Obamacare coverage. If coverage is not met, then there will be a fine to pay per person (not per family).

How much bigger is the fine for 2015 than it already is? Currently, the fine would average $95 an adult. That is a big chunk to a lot of people. If that fine was assessed to a family of three (remember, the kids are on the insurance plans in college!) the fine would be $285. That is already a hefty fine for most middle class workers, but next year that fine is going to skyrocket to over $1,000 for the same family. To put this into perspective, it is now financially safer to have two DUIs in some states than it is for a lapse in mandatory Obamacare.

The changes to the fine itself comes from an increase to 2% of the income or $325 per adult--whichever is higher. The Liberals wanted to make sure the middle class paid more than their share of dues with this increase. Should a hard working parent have to shell out an extra $1000 at the end of the year because of a bloated mandatory noose that Obama peddled as health care? Even the snake oil salesmen didn't have the greed to make their product mandatory, but Obama sure seemed to be okay with lining his pockets with insurance company money.

Imagine a land where everyone had to give your rich uncle money just because you could make it a law against the people's will. Obama doesn't have to imagine that because that is just what he did. His Uncle Allstate is stuffing Obama's pockets with enough money to give him a good nest egg for retirement and we get to be the ones unwillingly giving to that fund.

How do we know that Obama's health care cronies are benefiting directly? A quick look at this CBO report will show that "CBO and JCT Estimate That the Coverage Provisions of the ACA Will Have a Net Cost to the Federal Government of $1.5 Trillion Over the 2015–2024 Period". Let's put that number into focus. $1.5 Trillion. That is your money. That is my money. That is the money that is not being used for education for our kids and money not used to protect our soldiers.

Obama has said the ACA was simple math. He was right, but if you looked at his scratch paper, you'd see: Your Childern's Future + Taking Care of our Vets < Making my Insurance industry cronies happy. Isn't it about time for someone to yell "pencils down!" to Mr. Obama and start getting our future back?

Source: CBO



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