A controversial class called 'U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness' once available at Arizona State University has become available again. The name has changed slightly, but the professor and curriculum remain the same.

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It's no mystery that the university system in the United States is a platform for leftist indoctrination. Professors have pontificated their leftist ideals from the front of their classrooms for decades. Instead of hiding the attempt to indoctrinate it has become more brazen over the past few years.

Before now much of the indoctrination was disguised in a class with a title like, "Political Science 101" a class that unknowing students would sign up for hoping to learn about the way politics work. The class, if taught by a leftist, would be taught with an angle outlining how great socialism works, how it's not flawed, it's just been poorly executed. Thus convincing students that redistribution of wealth is a great idea.

Now, universities are becoming so shameless with their agenda, that Arizona State University (ASU) is now offering an "English" class entitled, "ENG 401- Topic: U.S. Race Theory & The Problem of Whiteness." The course description doesn't do a great job of explaining what exactly the professor is planning to teach, it only uses buzzwords such as "feminist," "postcolonialist," and "new historicist."

The required book list, now unavailable on the ASU website, was full of heavily progressive books. Of course with a title like "...the Problem of Whiteness" it's not hard to tell that the class isn't going to make people feel like it's okay to be white.

The radical left has been preaching for years about white guilt and how anyone that's white should feel guilty for what their ancestors did. Even if their ancestors didn't do anything, it's still their fault that slavery happened.

It doesn't matter if they were potato farmers in Ireland, slavery is their fault. Forget the fact that many slaves that were sold from Africa were sold by their own people to the Dutch. Ignore the fact that one of the first slave owners in the United States was black. Ignore those facts, because it's all whitey's fault!

The indoctrination of white guilt doesn't just harm white people into feeling guilty for something they had no part of, it also breeds a sense of entitlement from other communities. The African-American community for example is full of people who feel like they're owed something because of the color of their skin, because white people did their ancestors wrong (and again, this requires people to ignore that white people weren't the only ones involved in the slave trade, and also ignore the fact that many white people didn't have families involved in the slave trade).

Instead of telling people they should be guilty for what someone else did 150 plus years ago, perhaps universities should start teaching their students about what happened in the past that could help make the future better. For example, they could teach, without any bias, how socialism is a failed concept that will never work because eventually all of the money runs out.



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