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Oh this mixed-up politically correct world we live in today. A Louisiana man, Chuck Netzhammer, had the notion to get a cake custom-made with the image of the Confederate and the message "Heritage Not Hate", a request he was DENIED by the folks at his local Wal-Mart in Slidell. However, here's the twist, the same man was able to get the same Wal-Mart bakery to customize his cake WITH THE FLAG OF ISIS/ISIL, you know the insane monsters who behead Christian, sell off women and children as sex slaves and are just generally the scum of the Earth. This doesn't seem to be any sort of 'gotcha!' or sting on the part of Mr. Netzhammer, but clearly the agenda of political correctness is alive and kicking within the isles of Wal-Mart, at least this location. You would think if there is a policy in place as to not allow for flags that could possibly offend someone, you would include the flag of the most brutal and disgusting jihadists on the planet.

While Wal-Mart did apologise for making a cake with the flag of ISIS, chocking it up to employee error, it made no issue about denying his initial request to have a cake made with the image and message he desired. That's no surprise, being how Wal-Mart is already sanitizing their stores out of fear of backlash from insane liberals who will stop at nothing to stamp out any ridiculous thing they find offensive.


Source: ABC News



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