A rare bacteria that results in a vicious infection has swept in and affected over 150 humans according to health officials. The bacteria, known commonly as Shieglla, is passed oral-fecal meaning food that is contaminated can carry the illness when ingested. You can even get it in a swimming pool where an un-potty-trained child has an accident. Then if you are not the best hand-washer in the world, onward the illness moves. Shigella can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, fevers as high as 104/105-degrees, diarrhea and dehydration, and even seizures. It is no fun and not an easy bout of food poisoning to weather.

Kansas City, Missouri is seeing a swell in Shigella infections with 150 confirmed cases of the illness. One-hundred thirty-four (134) of those have occurred within the last two months and this is 15-times normal for any given year.

The bulk of the patients are elementary school children and those enrolled in daycare facilities. On top of this, Kansas City Health Department Media Spokesperson, Bill Snook says,

“What we are seeing within this which is unusual is we’re seeing three different patterns of resistance.”

Meaning, the illness is not responding well to antibiotic treatment, but

“They need to go to a doctor because antibiotics will help less[en] the duration of the virus.”

Shigella is among the easiest infectious illnesses to pass. The way to battle Shigella is to prevent it. Hygiene is key and one should always wash their hands with soap and water, particularly after restroom visits or handling diapers, and of course before handling any food. Food you have not handled is far harder to address. According to the article linked here, also use paper towels as these are a one-time product, as opposed to hand towels which can hold onto the virus and allow it to live and infect the next unfortunate person who happens to also use the same towel.

It is hoped that Kansas City can get a grip on the infection and stop it before too many more folks get sick and it becomes a full-scale outbreak.


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