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Obviously, if one takes progressivism to whatever final conclusions in whatever issue it looks to promote, one finally reaches that anticipated point of lunacy, open unrestricted borders, which eventually produces major national security risks, inevitably followed by carnage, redistribution of wealth, eventually produces an increase in the welfare state, eventually followed by economic chaos.

Thus it should come as no surprise that when a society sets no moral boundaries, and no rules for one’s social behavior or accountability, than we’ve reached that anticipated point of progressive lunacy where sexual predators are given respectability rather than condemnation by a media that celebrates and advocates depravity over moral human decency, and where an admitted pedophile like Todd Nickerson can continue exploiting children without fear by telling his story on Salon, the progressive voice for sexual misfits.

And giving him the platform to plead his case and perhaps to continue exploiting children, because in a world where grown men are allowed in the same public restrooms as little girls, it’s not for us to judge ones perversions, unless those perversions become criminal, in the meantime let’s continue the progressive lunacy of giving a public platform to explain away his desires, rather than seek the treatment he so desperately needs.

Nickerson, in his column for Salon, admits that he is a pedophile. BUT he's not a monster. In fact, he asserts that pedophilia is "just" another sexual orientation, just like gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Perhaps we’re all being a bit harsh on a guy whose only crime is to be sexually attracted to young children, until he eventually reaches that anticipated point of lunacy, and destroys a child!

Please try and not throw up if you watch this sick and twisted nut that Salon is defending:

Do you think this self-professed pedophile deserves ANY compassion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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