Academy Award nominated actor James Woods might not be known for his strong conservative views, but to the people who follow him online, he never disappoints.

Just after blasting President Obama and Al Sharpton over the recent NY shootings, Woods called out Sharpton again, when he took Sony to task over their dealings with the "race racketeer".

Sony's Amy Pascal has been working with Sharpton over Sony's so-called 'cultural blindness'. While the hack on Sony's email brought up some disturbing racial info, Sharpton is hardly an ideal person to clean up that PR disaster. Well, maybe he is and that's the problem. At the point when people are more moved by loud mouth theater and outrage than they are by common sense and logic, it would make sense to use someone like Reverend Al. But Woods could care less, BLASTING them multiple times online.


Sony's recent decision to pull the movie "The Interview" is already drawing major fire from the public, so these comments couldn't come at a worse time.

Was Sony wrong to deal with Al Sharpton? Sound off in the comments below.


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