After the results of the election swept the nation, liberals everywhere are more than outraged. Riots and protests are springing up in major cities all across the nation, made up of liberals, who, as soon as the system doesn't give the what they want, demand that we need a new one. Due to the fact that Hillary Clinton marginally won the popular vote, liberals are now demanding that the Electoral College be done away with it. However, they overlooked one major detail and it's time somebody lets them know.

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Unbeknownst to the ill-informed liberal protesters, they are confirming the need for the one thing they currently claim to hate. They are the exact reason the Electoral College exists, and it’s time they had a civics lesson.

First and foremost, the Electoral College is part of our Constitution, and it was put there for a reason. Our Founding Fathers didn’t throw things into these documents for fun. They were drafted using informed decisions which were carefully weighed. However, the entire reason for the Electoral College has never been better demonstrated than the current election we just watched.

Because we are a Republic, not a straight Democracy, the Electoral College was a compromise between the election of the president by a vote in Congress and election of the president by a popular vote of qualified citizens. It’s a group of 538 people who actually do the electing for us, and if you need a quick refresher about how this all works, here’s the perfect video, which also identifies how the liberal protesters are proving that we need it:

While these idiots claim that the Electoral College doesn’t make each voice heard, they are greatly mistaken. If the national popular vote were the ultimate decider, the heavily populated cities would basically pick our president as the rest of the country was ignored.

As USA Today explains, “candidates would gravitate toward the voter-rich big cities and their suburbs and ignore everyone else,” before pointing out another potential problem. “If candidates felt obliged to blanket the entire country with visits and advertising, it would set off a scramble for even more campaign money, leaving candidates more beholden to special interests.” But, there’s more, which takes us back to the current protesters.

“When our Founding Fathers were writing the Constitution, they decided they didn’t want an ill-informed public to directly elect the President and Vice President, nor did they want to leave it up to Congress,” the video above explains. “Plus, they wanted every state to have a role in national elections.”

Fast forward to today and we see Hillary Clinton just barely managing to receive the popular vote by a razor-thin margin — and where are a lot of those who voted for her? They are in the streets protesting, rioting, becoming violent, looting, and having a completely insane response because they didn’t get their way — all of which accomplishes nothing towards their cause. Are these really the type of people we want picking our president? That’s why I say these protesters are showing us exactly why we need the Electoral College.

Although not perfect, the Electoral College system has generally served the nation well for more than two centuries. Changing it due to the immature reactions of the “wounded party,” who thought they had a “blue firewall” of states that gave them a big Electoral College advantage going into this election, would be nothing short of asinine, unconstitutional, and unethical. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, and that’s what these protesters are. They are using violence and having an all out tantrum in an attempt to bully, manipulate, and intimidate.

If they want to win, they need to play by the rules that are in place to prevent this exact mob mentality from ruling our country. They should focus their energy on running better campaigns with better candidates. You don’t change the rules of the game just because you lost. If they want to behave like children, it’s best they leave the tough decisions, like our country’s leadership, up to the adults until they gain some maturity.

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