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The Washington, D.C. City Council is taking a page from the Obama Administration’s Playbook of Appeasement. Instead of dealing with enemies, Obama gives them hundreds of billions of dollars to build nuclear weapons.

Instead of dealing with criminals and thugs, by dropping their butts in jail, the City of D.C. is opting to throw money their way.

The “Pay for Peace” Kumbaya bill with pay for the criminals to further finance their nefarious escapades. Of course, the city thinks it will get them into rehabilitation programs created through a new bureaucratic nightmare that will be known as the “Office of Violence Prevention and Health Equity.”

Otherwise known as how to kiss the butt and lick the feet of your neighborhood thug. Oh, and it exempts itself from Freedom of Information Ac.  They wouldn’t want their citizens to know exactly what kind of crimes they are funding now, would they?

Roughly 200 individuals will be paid $9,000.00 a year to get some therapy and to stop being bad.  It seems California has a similar measure. Naturally, that state would, because they use the gang-banging thugs to intimidate and keep the rest of us trapped in Stalag Kalyfornia in line.

“One homicide in the District is one too many. We know that we cannot simply arrest our way out of crime; the prevention is key,” claimed the idiot proponent of this disaster, City Council Member, Kenyan McDuffie.

He wouldn’t want to incarcerate them. No, he’d rather have them running around illegally buying guns and killing people, rather than encouraging the citizens to defend themselves.

Local citizen John Gaul thinks this is “weird and it’s dumb,” and “silly.”

Hardly. This is deadly, if not criminal on the City’s part to not protect its citizens and instead shield criminals.

h/t: Daily Caller

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