“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean.”

In a world that increasingly looks like Alice’s Wonderland, with words taken hostage and twisted beyond all recognition, facts have now become forbidden, subjecting those who dare speak them to charges of racism.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is the latest victim of the left’s obsession with finding racism where it wants after making the mistake of referring to President Barack Obama as– horrors – “part-Kenyan” in an op-ed piece in a London newspaper.

In fact, President Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was Kenyan.

Mayor Johnson’s suggestion that Obama’s heritage gave him an anti-British view unleashed a backlash of condemnation from liberal Members of Parliament (MP) questioning the mayor’s judgment and demanding a formal withdrawal of the statement.

In fact, Obama wrote that his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was held in a British camp in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising during the colonial struggle for power in the 1950s, although this has been disputed by researchers and even by family members.

John McDonnell (MP) called Johnson’s phrase, “yet another example of dog-whistle racism.”

Dog-whistle is a term used to attribute racist meaning to simple words and phrases, such as “Chicago,” “urban,” or “law and order,” – and now, apparently “part-Kenyan.”

The furor occurred as Obama visited England on the eve of a tense national election to determine whether Britain remains in the European Union (EU).

The EU has become troubled by economic woes and threatened by the massive influx of Muslims that has put tremendous strain on the resources of the individual countries, as well as their people.

Obama met with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is urging Britons to vote “No” to the question, as well as Queen Elizabeth II, who is obligated to refrain from voicing an opinion on the vote, although many Britons expressed anger that the American president is interfering in what they see as a strictly internal issue, with one reporter at the joint Cameron and Obama press conference asking, “Is it any of your business if England stays in the EU?”

The issue of Obama’s true feelings about Britain was first questioned in January 2009, when a bust of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a gift to the American people, was removed from the Oval Office.



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