A group of Muslims in Sterling Heights, Michigan are stirring up controversy with their plans to build what some people have called a "mega-mosque" in a neighborhood filled with Iraqi Christians.

The planned mosque would be over 20,000 square feet and be located right next to a large road in the middle of a Sterling Heights neighborhood. While the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR) and the builders and financiers of the mosque have claimed that it is a normal size, opponents have protested its location.

"Sensitivity Goes Both Ways," read one sign that an Iraqi Christian protester held up alongside a road near the proposed construction site. "If You Really Care Build It Elsewhere."

Though CAIR and other groups have claimed that much of the Iraqi Christians' arguments are based on hate speech and false information, the fact remains that the Muslim group in charge of constructing the mosque has chosen an interesting site.

Sterling Heights has an Iraqi Christian population that makes up 5 percent of its total population. The Christians, most of whom belong to a sect called the Chaldeans, argue that building a mosque in the middle of their neighborhoods is similar to a German group building a large German church in a heavily Jewish neighborhood.

Many of the Chaldeans were murdered by Iraqi Muslims in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, starting as early as 2003. Christian groups in the area are still under attack and many have been wiped out in modern genocides.

It's unclear why the Muslim group in charge of building the mosque can't build elsewhere. Obviously there are hard feelings and fear on the side of the Chaldeans and the Muslims should respect those fears and build elsewhere. Lord knows they will still try and push their agenda.

While we in America value freedom of religion and religious expression, this situation is not necessary.

h/t: Aljazeera America

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