There was a time in America when the “Fourth Estate” (the press) was deemed so vital to the survival of our Republic and such an intricate part of our democracy that our Founders created a special provision regarding its uniqueness within our Constitution.

“Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

That provision within the First Amendment guaranteed a “free press.” However not even the prolific writings of Thomas Jefferson forewarning future generations of the dangers that might befall their new country or what might happen if this “unique entity” (the press) ever became corrupted.

Obviously, we don’t need to wonder any longer as the press demonstrated yet again how tainted they’ve become, as all 3-major networks ABC, NBC, and CBS chose to either ignore or cover-up the massive Susan Rice bombshell.

The “Fourth Estate” revered by the Founders as the cornerstone of our democracy no longer exists, and not even this breaking-news revelation that a massive political cover-up impacting our very existence as a free and open society is enough to change the course of the once independent and honorable profession of journalism.

Perhaps even more egregious than ignoring the news was CNN’s attempt to manipulate the coverage by creating a false narrative suggesting that the “unmasking” of President Trump’s transition team was false.

However, two news outlets provided accurate coverage of the unfolding events coming in on Monday morning when Bloomberg reported that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice was apparently the high government official rumored over the weekend to have “unmasked” on dozens of occasions those individuals on the Trump transition and campaign team.

The Bloomberg reporter emphasizing ”With their identities unmasked, it allowed for someone to freely and illegally leak their names to the press.”

The other news outlet was Fox News’s Special Report leading the coverage with this: “The surveillance of people close to President Trump, possibly the President himself, now has a name and a face attached to it. And it’s one you’ve seen in major scandals before,” declared fill-in host James Rosen during the opening tease.


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