Recently, a mass shooting occurred in Houston Texas, injuring 7 and killing 2. However, this shooting is not getting the normal media attention that tragic events like these often get – and it's because of this one hidden detail.

Now normally a story like this would be something that the liberal gun-grabbing left would flock to and use to harp on how terrible guns are and how nobody should have them. The thing is there is one detail about this story that the mainstream media does not want to get out.

The shooting took place at the hand of Army veteran Dionisio Garza III who open fired on multiple people, killing 2 of the 9 victims. One of these victims however was able to foil the shooters plan with this courageous act of extreme bravery.

Byron Wilson, the man responsible, at least in part, for stopping the shooting, is not only a father and a husband but also a concealed carry permit holder and now a hero.

When the shooting broke out, Wilson identified the shooter and made a split-second decision to engage the shooter with his own firearm.

The shooter was rather far from Wilson and equipped with an AR-15 variant. Although  Wilson did not have the training of the Army Vet, nor the firepower, he did have his own gun, thanks to his 'evil' concealed carry that no doubt saved many lives that day.

Wilson fired on the assailant multiple times before Garza turned and shot Wilson three times. The specific details are unclear as to whether Wilson's bullets took down the shooter before SWAT moved in, or if he caused a distraction long enough to allow SWAT to move in and neutralize the situation.

Details are very sketchy about the exact role Mr. Wilson played in stopping the attack. We don’t know if Mr. Wilson hit the gunman, but we do know that he distracted him and shot at him. We don’t know why Mr. Wilson, who is just one of 12+ million concealed carriers in the United States, chose to draw his weapon and wade into a fight against an attacker with a longer-ranged weapon and ostensibly more training.

But Mr. Wilson did make that choice, and I think, deep down, all of us who carry firearms and give serious thought to their use and obtain training to use them more safely and effectively know why Mr. Wilson felt compelled to act

Either way, Byron Wilson is a hero and, thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery.

Although mainstream media and the gun-grabbing left would have you believe that all firearms are bad and that concealed carry permits cause death, this case shows just how important these permits – and the people who hold them – are to society. In situations like these, having the proper defense and being prepared to use it, turns 'evil' guns into lifesaving defenses.

Mainstream media won't cover this story for fear that they might expose the actual truth behind owning your own gun and being prepared to use it when you need to, but we think this concealed carrier and hero should get the recognition that he deserves.

We thank people like Wilson and the more than 12 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States that help keep us safe as the first line of defense in the face of potential tragedy.

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Source: Bearing Arms


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