Trump took the time to interview for the television program 60 Minutes last night. However, it would seem that the interviewer Lesley Stahl wasn't very happy to see President-elect Trump. In fact, her anger and disapproval of Trump was so palpable that it was hard to focus on anything but that. That's probably why many didn't notice the one thing that Trump did during the interviewer that the disgruntled reporter did notice.

After Hillary's loss last Tuesday, many leaders including Donald Trump and even Obama have been urging the nation to move on and come together so that the country can move forward towards greatness in unity. It would seem that many of Hillary's supporters don't necessarily feel that sentiment, seeing as they have been protesting and rioting in the streets ever since Trump seized the victory.

Even the mainstream media is still fighting for Hillary, despite all her scandals and shortcomings, that ultimately lost her the election.

Stahl did exactly that last night during her interview with Trump, where she came after him over his plans and ideas of how to fix the many issues that this country is facing. She was caught flat-footed, however, when Trump brought up one detail that caused her questions to blowback on her.

At one point Stahl attempted to put the blame on Trump for the racist attacks that have taken place since he was elected into office. To this, Trump responded by stating that these attacks are in actuality fake and actually pedaled by the liberal media.

Of course, while he was speaking on the CBS show, he was actually engaging in part of the mainstream media's push against Trump and the rest of the conservatives in this country.

The real blow to Stahl came when Trump took control of the conversation and stared directly into the camera to tell everyone who is an actual racist to "stop it."

Stahl then scrambled to try to hit Trump with any other scandal that she could think of, which of course included the way overused "p*ssy" comment that Trump said over a decade ago. Trump and the rest of his family made sure to stop Stahl in her tracks when she tried to go down this road because it was clear that she only wanted to try to smear Trump's name and not actually discuss the real issues at hand.

Regardless of anyone's opinion of Donald Trump, the way that he conducted himself in that interview demonstrates that he has the type of power and fortitude that this country is in desperate need of at the moment. If he does what he says he will, which he has up until now, it looks like he really may be the man to make America Great Again.

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