We all know that the mainstream media picks and chooses the narratives it wants to promote and focus on. This trend has been going on for years and years, but it's become even more disturbing and pronounced in an age of partisan news and blindfolded readership.

The most recent example of this blatant picking and choosing happened on Good Friday in Boston. A statue of the Virgin Mary located at the Blessed Mother of St. Catherine of Sienna church was vandalized.

Now, vandalism of any sort is terrible, but it happens to statues and icons all the time. Every time there is a large football game, rival schools typically take the chance to vandalize statues located on each other's campuses. That happens all the time.


And the way that the Boston Globe, the primary news source for most Massachusetts residents, painted the picture, all you would think was that this statue of the Virgin Mary was desecrated by some rowdy teenagers or punks.

The truth couldn't be farther afield.

At the bottom of the statue of the Virgin Mary, sketched in spray paint, was an Arabic word meaning "Allah." The rest of the statue's face and most of the statue's body had been spray painted with the same black color leaving just a few feet at the base of the statue clear.

But the Boston Globe mentioned nothing about the Arabic nature of the crime, or the fact that this is obviously an instance of Muslim on Christian hate and something that people everywhere should know.

However, Muslims attacking Christians aren't a "politically correct" topic in today's age of liberal media bias. So the fact that an Arabic slogan was inscribed on a Christian statue was completely ignored, days before the largest Christian holiday, Easter.

It's time for the media to actually report the news. We want to know what's happening to us and our country. Tell the truth!

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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