In a collective meltdown played out on screens across the country, the liberal media are still trying to absorb the results of Tuesday’s General Election even as events – the Obama-Trump meetings, the transition, the riots, the potential cabinet picks, unfold at a rapid pace and demand attention.

It’s no secret that the media, led by cable news channels, are left-leaning and progressive, which was only confirmed with the revelation that Democrat operative –now acting chair of the Democratic National Committee – Donna Brazile tipped Hillary Clinton with questions she accessed while working for CNN – the channel some refer to as the “Clinton News Network.”

Coverage of emerging news that was less than flattering to Democrat Clinton was frequently given short shrift or a blanket black out altogether with the result that viewers were woefully uninformed when it came to appreciating the seriousness of her decision to use an unauthorized secret email server during her tenure at the State Department, the nature of the FBI investigations, and the seedy and greedy side of the Clinton Foundation.

Media personalities like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Brazile were longtime Clinton insiders, and others were so enamored of the left that any semblance of objectivity in reporting the news was quickly lost. Chris Matthews’s now infamous and regrettably effusive comment about the tingle he got up his leg “every time Obama speaks,” cost him credibility.

That kind of bias can render a reporter blind, making it difficult if not impossible to look at facts, interpret them without emotion, and draw conclusions with detachment and independence.

So invested was the mainstream media in a second Clinton administration and the continuation of the past eight years of Democrat rule in D.C. that they were unable to spot signs that a Hillary win was not the inevitable triumph they wanted.

As news anchors honed the words and delivery they would use to announce the election of the first woman president, they looked past Tuesday night to Clinton’s victory lap and the inauguration.

Now, they are left flat-footed looking for answers, for someone to blame for the otherwise inexplicable loss of their candidate. How else to explain how the candidate President Obama called, “the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency,” lost to a loudmouthed, boorish billionaire builder from Queens with zero political experience?

Blame had to be assigned – was it an out of touch campaign staff? Millions of dollars in earned advertising Trump received by virtue simply of… being Trump? Something Bill said – like Obamacare being “the craziest thing in the world?” Anthony Wiener? Julian Assange’s drip-by-drip revelations from Wikileaks showing the nasty underbelly of Team Clinton?

Clinton herself, in comments made to her staff at a Friday night wrap-up party, laid the blame at the feet of FBI Director James Comey for his public announcement that the investigation into her email scandal had been reopened.

In fact, the media is simply incapable of accepting the real reason Clinton lost and assigning blame where it belongs.

They could begin with three words uttered by the candidate at a time when she held double-digit leads in all the states that mattered.

Those three words?

“Basket. Of. Deplorables.”

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