A few months ago we reported on Maine's decision to enforce food stamp requirements that required welfare recipients to work, volunteer, or attend career training if they were to receive the benefits. Now, a few months into the program, Maine is reporting that over 9,000 former welfare recipients have been dropped from the program for not meeting the new requirements.

Keep in mind that these recipients who are now being blocked from welfare are not disabled and that they don't have children or other dependents. Those people are still allowed to remain on welfare.

This is a huge step in shoveling off welfare recipients who are content to let other pay for their costs of living and helping them get back on their feet and into the workforce.

For those of you who might feel that this action by Republican Governor Paul LePage is cruel and unusual, let me remind you about the requirements that individuals have to complete to qualify for welfare now.

Recipients can choose to volunteer at an approved site or with a group for a minimum of 24 hours per month. That's an average of just over 5 and a half hours per week.

Recipients can also have a job that employs them for 20 hours per week, which means that they are receiving some income and that the food stamps and other welfare monies would just be to help fill in any gaps in the person's income.

And finally, recipients can register for job training or programs designed to help them gain skills which can be employable. There's no set hour requirement for this.

All told, Maine is taking a vital step forward in the battle against welfare moochers. It's time that these people proved to the rest of America, those who are paying their food bills, that they are doing their best. That's all they have to do and they can reap the rewards of food stamps. But if they're not trying, they're not going to be on the receiving end.



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