United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been under heavy fire this past week for her clandestine meeting with former president Bill Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lynch has been clinging onto her story that the meeting was purely social, a coincidental visit as a result of Clinton being in town to play golf by chance.

More and more evidence is being revealed, however, that would point to this being anything but coincidence and her cover story a huge lie.

Two facts in particular are tearing holes in Lynch's story and she's having a very hard time explaining herself.

First off, Lynch said that she had met up with Clinton "as I[Lynch] was leaving." New reports from a reportedly credible inside source that was present claimed that once Lynch had completed her "primarily social" rendezvous with Clinton she proceeded carry out her remaining business in Phoenix.

Already things aren't looking good if she can't even be honest about whether or not she was coming or going. You have to ask yourself if she can't even tell us such a trivial fact then what else is she not telling us?

Of course her case doesn't get any better after hearing the second fact. Lynch claims that former president Clinton was in town to play golf and yet there has been no definitive evidence that Clinton even played a single hole.

Wouldn't somebody have potentially noticed if one of the former presidents of the United States of America had been playing golf?

This is backed up by the reporter to first break the story, Christopher Sign, stating that he was not able to procure any evidence that Clinton had played any golf on his trip to Phoenix.

Lynch clearly stated that the two of them had spoke about golf on the plane because that's clearly the only thing that they would want to speak about in the privacy of the plane, nothing about the fact that the FBI only just recently announced that they will not be indicting Hillary Clinton criminally.

The holes in the story tied with the unnerving timing around the FBI's announcement is just too much to be purely coincidence as Lynch claims.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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