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For those not familiar with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, he’s a well-known political pundit and military analyst and a frequent contributor on Fox and well-respected for his insights on national security issues.

He’s also not one to hold his tongue, and has come close on more than one occasion saying what a majority of Americans really think of President Obama, however he always seemed to catch himself just before saying something that would be offensive.

His comments on Obama’s Sunday “self proclaimed” national security terrorist speech began without much controversy stating; “Look Mr. President we’re not afraid, we’re angry! We’re pissed off! We’re furious! We want you to react; we want you to do something! You’re afraid!”

Visibly annoyed Peter’s continued; I mean this guy is such a total p***y it’s stunning! There it was a slip of the tongue as to what he was actually thinking.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters finally said in the most blunt and graphic way, what many Americans are also thinking and post on social media everyday when it comes to this president.

Peters is a military a strategist and realizes that Obama either through sheer incompetence or willful malfeasance has weakened America, and no one is afraid, we’re just sick and tired of the most powerful man in the free world not doing his job to take out an obvious threat to his own people.

Do you think Ralph Peters is out of line or spot on in using strong language to call Obama out?

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