Child bully Rosie O' Donnell

If you’re a political junkie then more likely than not, you’ve been paying attention to the aftermath of this historic election and its continued fallout among the political establishment on both sides of the political aisle, and perhaps you might even be personally embroiled in its aftermath, with friends and family acting out their irrational behavior towards you, if you’re a Trump supporter.

No doubt this election crystallized clearly the fundamental differences between the traditional and progressive classes as never before, and to suggest that this presidential election was anything but a “clash of cultures” is as relevant in describing those events leading up to our own American Revolution, in that this election was a referendum as to whether America would remain a Republic or not.

Moreover perhaps nothing crystallizes clearly the length some progressives will go to in attacking Trump, take Rosie O’Donnell who has a long history of public feuds between her and Trump that actually dates back to the mid 90’s.

However for O’Donnell to personally go after Trump’s 10-year old son Barron is a pretty egregious act, even for a committed progressive like Rosie.

The dust-up occurred when Rosie posted a video on her Twitter account alleging that young Barron is autistic, regardless of the fact there was no basis for the allegation, no facts, no medical records, nothing, which once again brings to mind the weeks before election day when a total of 11-woman suddenly appeared from nowhere accusing Trump of all sorts of sexual misdeeds.

Obviously Rosie as some real personal issues with our President-elect, and perhaps her own emotional demons to deal with, however for goodness sake, please don’t attack a 10-year old child!

Do you think Rosie O' Donnell is an EVIL PIG?

Let us know if you think Rosie needs to be black listed!

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