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Although it is impossible to know how many regular viewers the ABC daytime talk show The View still has, apparently enough of them were disgusted by co-host Whoopi Goldberg to take to Twitter slamming her bizarre rant that managed to combine Christmas, the First Amendment and… her right to have an abortion.

The women  on the left of center talk show, which usually has a single token conservative co-host among the five women panelists, made no secret of their support of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy during the campaign, and have not taken her defeat well.

In fact, Goldberg has seized every opportunity since November 8th to attack the president-elect on a daily basis, but she may have gone off the deep end the day after the diatribe about abortion and Christmas, when she began railing about Trump consulting his children during the transition period between the election and his swearing-in on January 20, 2017.

The one-time comedian was especially incensed at the possibility that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, may have an office in the White House and serve in some capacity as official hostess, advisor or just friendly face when her father takes charge of the Oval Office.

The Trump family has already announced that Mrs. Trump will stay in New York City with the First Couple’s ten-year-old son, Barron, while he finishes the academic year at school, when they will join the president in the White House.

Although any kind of official or even-unofficial role for Ivanka Trump has not yet been announced, no matter how she helps her father, it will more than likely not establish a precedent, as many women have fulfilled the functions of the First Lady, including daughters, daughters-in-law, niece, sisters, cousin, and even aunts.


In addition, many presidents have sought counsel from family members on important topics of state – FDR called his wife, Eleanor, his “eyes and ears” as she traveled the country, meeting ordinary people and reporting back to him.

When President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in 1919, First Lady Edith became virtually the shadow president with, “every document, letter or paper from the Senate, the Cabinet or the public addressed to the President going to her,” according to contemporary sources.

Wives of presidents going back to Sara Polk and Helen Taft, who attended meetings with their husbands, were involved in their husband’s administrations and presaged the more active roles taken by Rosalynn Carter and Hillary Clinton in the more recent past.

Goldberg’s rant came a day after she set the “Twitter-verse” alight, enraging millions of Christians with her comparison of the right to observe the birth of Jesus at Christmas time with her right to have an abortion.

It becomes increasingly obvious why The View has had a revolving door of co-hosts and is suffering its worst ratings in its long run on ABC.

Viewers are fed up with Whoopi's crap and let loose on Twitter:



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