While this story is not overly funny, it does get one going into the dark places of their mind and chuckling.

We IslamoFauxbes find just about anything non-violently misfortunate when it comes to Muslim culture taking a hit somewhat comical. Sorry, moderate Muslims, this is what you get for being complacent when it comes to the radicals among you. 

Trust us when we say we would find this same situation funny if we were dealing with the “Breaking Amish” ne’er-do-wells.

A bunch of Arizona, Muslims had gathered in their mosque to sing Kumbayallah. Unfortunately, a bunch of killer bees had gathered as well.

The presence of the bees was not a surprise to the folks in charge of the mosque, but very possibly to those worshippers within. An exterminator had been lined up for another day.

That said, the killer bees, not known for the gentle pollinating, honey-making, work of their brethren got a little buzzed-up over the singing during worship.

They lit up and did what they do best. A violent swarm of 20,000 killer bees attacked and injured several patrons. This is Bees Lives Matter buzz-banging for you.

According to Joseph Mikesell, of Truly Nolen Pest Control, “It’s always a bad situation when you’re talking about Africanized [killer] bees, because once one bee creates a pheromone which sends off the other bees to attack.”  

Needless to say, first-responders were called in, and in order to get the situation under control the mosque had to be drenched in chemical foam. Perhaps God has a sense of IslamoFauxbe humor Himself. That said, nobody wants to see someone’s church or their attendees experience something like this.

Source: Mad World News

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