It's never wise to run your mouth to strangers in unfamiliar territory, so it's hard to have too much sympathy for this guy.

That said it's unclear what spurred on the incident, but as you can see, the young white male was trying to go his own way before they wannabe tough guy New Yorker did a double back after some trash talking and went towards him. The two then began to tangle.

After a moment of grappling, the big mouth thug was on the ground, taking a series of bell ringers to the head. It does look vicious. but it certainly could have been worse.

The big talker later made a statement on social media: I accepted the fact that I got beat, I was in the wrong… I learned from my mistake. — Freekie London (@FreekieLondon)

Even with all the foul language and trash talking going on, the crowd kept it 1 on 1 and once it was clear that it was over, the fight was called off.

Was this handled in the proper way? Leave a comment below.

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