We don't often hear stories about illegal immigrants helping other illegals enter the country. It's not something that's super popular or that happens very often.

But just recently, at a border crossing in Amado, Arizona, border agents say that they caught a Somali refugee who was actively employed by Mexican illegals to drive them across the border

The man's name was Ahmed Elni Abdalla, and he was caught as he drove his truck up to a US  border checkpoint on the border. But when border patrol agents looked like they might pull him over he gunned his engine and took off.

Abdalla led patrol agents on a merry chase, but they finally cornered him and took him in for questioning. Unfortunately, as patrol agents surrounded his vehicle, Abdalla tried to run them over. That, of course, didn't add any mercy when he was taken in.

Abdalla isn't the first Somali man to be caught on  the southern border and in suspicion of smuggling Mexicans across.

In December, Omar Haji Mohamed was arrested because multiple Mexicans testified that they had employed him to get them across the border.

The fact that these men are both Somalian is very disturbing. Somalis have huge immigrant populations in various parts of the country. They've obviously established themselves in the eye of the government and the law and now they're taking advantage of their secure position.

If you were ever looking for more ammunition or reasons why the United States shouldn't allow more immigrants in the country look no further. If these immigrants have no problems with breaking the law for foreign Mexicans once they're safe themselves, the odds that they'd help a family member or acquaintance who has radicalized are quite high.

Please stop this from happening by stopping  illegals from making  their way into this country.

h/t: Breitbart

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