Secret Service agents bear the tremendous life and death burden of protecting candidates during election years, constantly scanning crowds for a suspicious face, a furtive glance, a hand hidden in a pocket, a shiny object.

The 1968 assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy came at a time when candidates were not afforded protection by the Secret Service, with Kennedy relying on two friends for protection.

On June 5, 1968, they failed, and President Lyndon Johnson almost immediately ordered that official Secret Service protection be afforded candidates.

Today, no one is seated in a prime position behind the candidate within the “camera frame” without the Secret Service checking their identification and their pockets.

So why was Seddique Mateen seated directly behind Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton?

The job of the Secret Service is made more difficult by candidates’ campaign staff who want to present the nominee as accessible to the public and frame camera shots with the right faces.

When Hillary Clinton makes a speech about Planned Parenthood, photos show a sea of female faces behind her.

They didn’t get there by accident.

A Donald Trump speech about defense benefits from men with VFW caps sitting behind the podium in silent support.

So the presence of Seddique Mateen, the father of an Islamic terrorist, at a recent Hillary Clinton speech was nothing less than chilling.

Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 people in an Orlando nightclub, wounding another 53 and scarring survivors, families and an entire community.

Seddique told reporters he was “invited” to the event by the Democratic party, because, unsurprisingly, he is a Democrat.

The Clinton campaign, however, was unable to explain how the controversial Muslim ended up not only seated directly behind Clinton, but within a few feet of her as she shook hands with supporters after the speech.

Seddique is a controversial figure himself who has praised the Taliban and claimed his son should not have targeted a gay nightclub because, “Allah will punish those involved in homosexuality,” so it’s “not an issue that humans should deal with.”

The image of the father of Omar Mateen smiling, cheering and holding a sign in support of Clinton would be the equivalent of a white-sheeted Klansman seated behind the candidate at a Trump rally.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media buried the story almost immediately, so Hillary fans will never see the smiling face of her supporter who believes the Taliban are the good guys and gays are evil.

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