Have you ever purchased a jug of milk only to get it home, open it, and discover it to be spoiled?

Do you truck it back to the store, or pour it down the drain assuming the rest of the milk on the shelf is also rotten?

Have you ever noticed the random numbers listed on your dairy products? You’ve seen them. Especially if you are one of those folks who checks the expiration dates on your planned purchase before tossing it into your cart.


Somewhere near the expiration date you might find the words “Processed at” following by a series of numbers. Or, you just might find a series of numbers. What do these numbers mean?


The online new source, IJ Review, via Mad World News, reports that the first two numbers, are usually between 01 and 56. The post-dash numbers range from 1 and 5 digits, or may include letters.

By researching this coding and having an understanding of what it means, will tell you how far your product traveled to get to your store and how long it spent getting there.


Of course this does not include how long it might have sat on the hot loading dock in the back stocking area of your local market, but that is story for another day.

Go to the website, Where is My Milk From. Enter your secret code and you will find the answer to your question. You might be surprised, and disgusted at the same time.

Source: Mad World News

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