“Hillary for Prison-2016”
What a novel campaign slogan! This seems so fitting.

It’s one thing to be the wife of the President who enjoyed pizza, cigars, and Ms. Lewinsky in the Oval Office, and quite another to be investigated for a high crime. Former Secretary of State, Clinton is under investigation for conducting official State security business outside of her official office, General Petraeus style. She of course is denying this and playing the game of Clinton Semantics.

Anybody buying her claims of innocence?

Doesn’t look like it. Not even the FBI who are beginning to recover her emails, eliciting an entertaining tap-dance around the truth by Mrs. Clinton.

The public is responding via her poll numbers tanking. Not only that, but a creative group of people have decided to get in on the action, in the court of public opinion, and have a little fun at her expense.

#HillaryForPrison is a meme directed at a campaign. It isn’t limited to social media, either. No, those interested in helping with the campaign can proudly display a yard sign, slap a bumper sticker on their car, and sport a T-shirt that shows their support for the Democrat candidate.

Check out the yard sign and it will direct you to the campaign website, Hillary-Satan2016.net. There you can get your own koozie to show your support.

What fun!

Here are some example tweets of the signs in action:

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