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It would appear that London’s first Muslim mayor may not be as advertised, an advocate for individual human rights, in that banning something that you may deem visually offensive doesn’t exactly make freedom-loving individuals all “warm and fuzzy." In fact, banning anything simply because you disagree with it is the act of a repressive society.

And yet that’s what London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadig Khan, has announced. Apparently the good mayor finds that certain advertising is offensive, stating; “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end.”

What the mayor considers “offensive” however isn’t exactly clear, as the vague word choice would allow him to ban images of models wearing underwear or perhaps a beautiful young lady in a bikini selling swimwear or even the shirtless young man pushing cologne.

No doubt when the mayor makes up his mind what he intends to ban, I’m sure he will share it with his follow Londoners.

The mayor also added within his announcement, “Nobody should feel pressured, while they travel on the Tube or bus, into unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and I want to send a clear message to the advertising industry about this.”

Now if we only knew what that “clear message” was… Maybe Mayor Khan should take a trip to Time Square in the Big Apple, where he can choose from the dozens of neon advertisements on display.

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