In a small town in Georgia local residents were more than a little surprised to see a Hillary tour bus rolling through town unannounced. The Georgia residents had no idea that the Democratic presidential nominee might be stopping by their town, but their surprise quickly turned to horror when they noticed what the bus was unloading and why it had actually stopped in their town. Now, the police have been involved and Hillary is furious.

Mad World News has more:

As Donald Trump’s train steams through much of the country, leaving inspiration and change in his path, Hillary’s tour busses are leaving onlookers with a seriously bad taste in their mouths, which reeks of criminal activity. Now, officials are looking at what she’s left behind and contemplating charges against the candidate.

According to WSBTV, the DNC tour bus representing the female candidate blazed through Gwinett County, Georgia, thinking nobody would notice their ominous existence when they made a sudden stop in front of the O’Reilly Auto Parts on Grayson Highway. However, an unfortunate employee happened to look out the window right in time and was disgusted by what they watched her representatives dumping down the drain.

“I was like, ‘What the heck? Are you kidding me?’” store employee Mike Robbins said, as he witnessed the controversial bus unload heaps of human waste into a storm drain, which is unapproved for such foul matter. “I couldn’t believe it,” he added in disbelief.

The store employee reported the sickening incident to the news station and police, stating that he watched as a Democratic National Committee employee stopped suddenly and started dumping feces, urine, and filthy toilet paper where it didn’t belong. The foul sewage spilled into the street where passersby would be forced to splash through it — not that Hillary’s employees cared.

Gwinnett County Fire hazmat units were called to the scene to clean up the “spill” after the stench became unbearable within a short amount of time. “It’s one thing if you get some jackleg coming through in an old RV. But to see a campaign bus with people’s pictures and names all over it stop and do it,” Robins said. Investigators are looking deeper into the issue to assess whether action will be taken against the driver for the inappropriate disposal.

This is just too perfect of story to not report. Hillary literally leaves a trail of waste behind her wherever she goes. So it would seem she can't even do the most basic campaign functions by the books. She spews crap every time she opens her mouth to speak and apparently any time she stops for a pitstop. If she's coming through your town, might want to just tell her to keep on rolling by.

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Source: Mad World News

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