Fourteen years old and pregnant. Yikes. At the age of nine, a little girl was placed into the Islamic education mentorship of Mohammad Islam.

His job was to teach her to learn and recite the Quran. His lessons turned into the classic pedophilia, forced child rape, we have all come to learn is a fundamental tenet of Islam, courtesy of their freak prophet Muhammed who liked his girls pre-pubescent.

Finally, at the age of 14, the child went to her father to show her what was happening—she believed she was pregnant with Islam’s child.

The parents contacted the authorities. He gets to serve 19 years. The 14 year old, presumably gets to bear his child. Over the course of his trial, Islam tried to blame the then nine-year old for coming-on to him, and for being the sexual aggressor.

The child’s father, said,

“In our religion she is no longer considered a virgin and is therefore unable or unlikely to get married to have a family. I am devastated. I am so angry. I only hope and pray for her that this abuse will not have a long-term effect on her."

Ummmm, mother at 14? Seems like a long-term affect if ever there was one. Even more disgusting than M. Islam, is the child’s dad. He is more worried about the fact she won’t be able to be auctioned off to the next piece of Islamic crap to come down the line.

Perhaps he should consider that Islam is not the place for his family. In just about every other faith on the planet, the rape of her, is not her transgression or her cross to bear. In any other faith she, and your family, would find the support needed and not undeserved shunning.

In any other faith, the rape victim doesn’t wait 19 years for her rapist to come out of prison, all the while raising his child, and praying she won’t be handed over to him in marriage since he is who took her virginity.

Lastly, this happened in London, and not the 7th century sandbox of the Middle East. This element of Islam is spreading its tentacles across the world, and unless it is stopped, the seven-headed hydra will only get worse.

Source: Mad World News


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