Law abiding American citizens should only be allowed to have two guns, at most—one rifle and one pistol, and they should be limited in the amount of ammunition they can have.

That according to Howard Stern’s producer, Gary Dell’Abate. As you may have guessed, Dell’Abate is an anti-gun nut. He thinks there should be limits to the Second Amendment.

“You think a guy should have the right to own 300 guns?” he asked Stern. To which Stern replied, “Yes, I do.” Stern then asked, “What’s the difference if he has one or 300?”

Dell’Abate also thinks there should be limits on how much ammunition you can own. Stern took his argument apart on both counts, and rightly so. When you think about it, it should only take you one gun and one bullet to get whatever job needs done, done.

Unfortunately, for people like Dell’Abate, they live in some fantasy world where every gun owner has a personal armory. You know, what? So what if they did? It’s called the Second Amendment, and if we each want an armory we can have an armory.

The problem, as Stern sees it, is that Dell’Abate, and those like him assume everyone with a gun is a criminal. Legal gun owners are not the problem in this country and we are not criminals. You can place all the limits on gun ownership that you want, but a criminal will still have guns. Stern nailed it spot on when he told Dell’Abate,

“Go figure out how to limit those criminals and terrorists and then I’ll limit the good citizens of this country.”

Source: Conservative Tribune


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