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Competition within any sport especially at this level should bring out the best within any athlete, and as long as the playing field is level, there should be no hostilities, however the fact that there’s a history between U.S. swimmer Lilly King and Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, should peek the casual on looker’s interest as to why just before the start of 100-meter breaststroke, did King wave her finger at Efimova.

The back-story to this seemingly provocative gesture has its roots with Yulia Efimova taking a Cellucor product called GNC-2, which was laced with a performance enhancing drug which was illegal at the time, and because of that she was banned from competing competitively.

And apparently Efimova was caught not only once but twice taking performance drugs, and was just recently reinstated to compete.

King wagging her finger was simply to remind Efimova that no short cuts are allowed, and perhaps also a smart “head game” being played out, which proved to be successful in that King beat Efimova to win the gold for Team USA.

“Doping” or taking performance enhancing drugs is a constant problem within the high stakes world of competitive sports, and especially within the Olympics with different countries competing that risk becomes even more intense, in terms of endorsements and perhaps millions of dollars at stake.

Of course liberal PC crybabies chastised King for her finger wagging:


King was not going to back down:

Let the cheaters whine and cry and the PC liberals can feel sorry for them all they want. Lilly King won fair and square and no one can take that away from her.

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