Winners always smile, even when asked to do something foolish, while losers always look awkward even when presented in the best of light, and perhaps that’s the takeaway from this brief video clip.

In that “the Donald” has reached his stride, and is having a good time, and it shows, while Hillary is in disarray, which also shows.

Funnyman Jimmy Fallon host of the popular “Tonight Show’ had “the Donald” on as a quest, and for almost 5-minutes the lighthearted interview was a predicated a mixture of small talk and amusing commentary, and then Fallon perhaps going off script, asked “the Donald” if he would mine doing something un-presidential, in which Trump (smiling), looked a little bemused, not quite sure what Fallon was about to ask.

Then came the question “can I mess your hair up?”

“The Donald” smiling agreed and even went so far as to rest his head downward so that Fallon could actually have easy access in messing up his hair, and he did, and “yes” it’s actually his hair!

Which of course set the Twitter feed into overdrive, with progressives outraged that Trump was able to once again be charming, fun-loving and confident.



No doubt Trump is enjoying himself, and by the look of things the momentum has changed, thanks in part to Hillary’s near collapse at the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and Trumps uncanny ability months prior to the incident, referencing Hillary’s lack of stamina and questionable health.

Moreover, it seems that Trump has the ability to actually gauge a situation long before it happens.

The reaction on social media wasn't just negative though. Many "deplorables" were there to call it like it is:



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