Hillary supporters across the nation are completely outraged by the Trump victory at the ballot boxes in the election last Tuesday. They have been taking out their blind rage and anger out on the entire nation in the form or riots and chaos in the street and on any sort of punching bag that they can find. Now to satisfy their unhinged anger they are trying to ruin the livelihood of one Detroit chef who's only 'crime' was to serve food to the Trump campaign.

WXYZ-TV reports that self-described Democrat Chef Don Studvent, who owns the restaurant 1917 American Bistro is being boycotted by angry liberals because they catered a Republican event in Detroit with Donald Trump Jr.

Cameras noticed Studvent with Donald Trump Jr. He told news crews that he thought nothing of that job or about posing next to the President-elect's son. He noted that he didn't take politics into account when deciding on taking a catering event.

"There is personal and there is business. It should always be separate," said Studvent. "Business-wise I can’t take sides. I just can’t."

Of course, liberals on Facebook usually aren't so level-headed. "After seeing the owner spinning and grinning here with Trump Jr. I’ll be eating at Kuzzo’s from now on," read on Facebook post that is being shared hundreds of times. Studvent has also reported that business has dropped dramatically recently and he and his business are receiving an overwhelming amount of hate on Facebook.

Studvent, understandably told reporters "It hurts."

"They want to not only not support me, boycott me!" exclaimed Studvent. "It’s unfair and it’s selfish."

He is hopeful that this hatred is only temporary and that dip in business will pass. Knowing these liberals it probably will. As soon as they ruin the man's livelihood and take his business from him they will find some new whipping post to take their unguided anger out on.

This is the type of behavior that these 'tolerant' and 'peaceful' liberals act out when things don't go their way, and frankly, it's pathetic.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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