Friday, August 4th marked former President Barack Obama's 56th birthday, and as expected liberals all across the country made sure to pay their respects to their fallen idol.

Obama fans took to social media to praise Obama and all the change, all be it all bad change, that he has brought to our country.

There was even a Twitter account made to try to fan girl over Obama and try to extend his 'legacy' called "Obama Day August 4."

This account made sure to post on the night before 'Obama Day' a little remionder for all those Obama fans out the to "save the date."

There was even a great deal of talk about trying to make 'Obama Day' a national holiday.

Many of his blindly loyal followers did take to Twitter to show Obama some love with birthday Tweets with pics of Obama and 'cute' little captions.

However, not everybvody shared the same sentiment...

Conservatives made sure to shower Obama in 'gifts' on Twitter that Obama is surely not to happy to open.

User "Steve D" responded to "Obama Day August 4" Tweet with a pic that pretty much nails the 8 years under Obama.

"#ThePersistence" actually complimented and thanked Obama for all that he did for Republicans over the 8 years that he was president.

One of the funniest Tweets was by Ben Crystal, who called Obama Day like it is: Creepy.

And these are just a few of the brilliant Twitter gifts Obama received from our folks on the right.

What do you think about the idea of making Obama Day a national holiday? Tell us in the comments below.

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