The unbridled “war” on America’s vets, continues this time in Knoxville, Iowa as yet again gutless city leaders knuckle under after receiving complaints over a “cross” or more accurately a memorial honoring those that serve, with a display featuring a silhouette of a kneeling soldier in front of a cross…”oh the horror of it all”, a soldier kneeling in front of a cross!

A group calling itself “America United for Separation of Church and State apparently has been traumatized by the memorial and sent a letter to the city council asking them to “remove the Latin cross from government property.”

Knoxville Mayor Brian Hatch responding to the letter in a recent interview declared; “As of right now, we are not taking any action. We received the letter from the organization on Tuesday, so we have to research our options…we need to talk to attorneys, ultimately, it’s going to be a city council decision that has to be made.”

A veteran had put up the display several months ago without city permission, and  the mayor went on to explain “The city did not go take it down because at the point we didn’t feel like it had any more significance than as a monument to honor the veterans.”

Others set up a Facebook page called, “Stop the Insanity,” to provide a place where the townsfolk could vent and come together as well as call for the removal of the three council members who voted against the temporary memorial.

Just a few days after the memorial was taken down, coincidentally, was Election Day for the city council. David Roozeboom, one of the three who stood against the memorial, chose not to run for reelection. The other two council members, April Verwers and Carolyn Formanek were soundly beaten with neither receiving more than 15 percent of the votes.

Speaking about the vote, Mayor Brian Hatch said,

“I hope it brings some closure to it… I hope we can kind of achieve the best of both worlds. We avoid a costly lawsuit, and at the same time, we still have the silhouette memorial up honoring the veterans, right across the road hopefully, on private property.”

Whether the vote brought closure to the citizens who were outraged that a memorial dedicated to fallen soldiers was taken down because of a single complaint or not, they can definitely get some satisfaction that their voices were heard at the ballot box.

h/t: WHOTV

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