President-elect Donald Trump may want to consider sending Jill Stein a thank you note now that the results are in from the Wisconsin recount.

The Green Party candidate who garnered a little over 1 percent of the vote in the November 8 election demanded a recount in three states and now the final tally is in – Trump has picked up an additional 162 votes in Wisconsin, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton by 22,748 votes.

The state certified the results on Monday, a week before the Electoral College meets to cast their ballots to ratify the results of the General Election.

Mark Thomsen, Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman, told reporters that no evidence of hacking was revealed by the recount, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the recount confirmed that the vote was “legitimate.”

Stein said she was not motivated to change the outcome of the election, but to “validate the vote and restore confidence in the voting system,” although there had been no indication that the voters lacked confidence in it.

Her assertion, however, led to court decisions halting the recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania, as judges found she lacked “standing,” the legal proof that she had a stake in the outcome of the matter. A federal judge in Pennsylvania called the demand for the recount there, “bordering on irrational.”

Trump reacted to the news by tweeting his 25 million followers, “The final Wisconsin vote is in and guess what – we just picked up an additional 131 votes,” adding in his characteristic tone, that the Democrats and the Green Party, “can now rest. Scam!”

Stein, who raised nearly $7 million to cover the expense of a recount, said she was disappointed that not all of Wisconsin’s counties conducted a hand recount, although such a labor-intensive effort was not required by law nor court-ordered.

She also requested recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania where Trump beat Clinton by small margins, but those efforts have been halted by court order and the results certified.

Democrats who are still reeling from their surprise at the outcome of the election have now turned to an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s win with claims that Russian hackers – and possibly President Vladimir Putin, interfered with the election.

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