Liberals have been rejoicing lately throwing what the claimed to be their 'victor' over republicans in the most recent polls. They proudly displayed polls showing an astounding lead from Hillary over the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

NBC and the Wall Street Journal both showed polls putting Hillary 5 points over Trump while ABC and the Washington post put Hillary at 12 points ahead of her republican rival.

However, this celebration by the left was a bit premature. These polls have in fact been revealed to be slanted in the favor of the left. A fact that Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump was quick to point out on Monday during "Fox & Friends."

"They actually admitted to polling more Democrats than they did Republicans in that poll," pointed out Eric Trump in regards to all of the polls that the Democrats were so vocal and proud of, but that actually sampled more Democrats than Republicans during their polling questions.

Eric brought light to the fact that this is not actually representative of the voting population, especially when considering the battleground states. Eric explained that there are "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Democrats and independents who went over to register during the primaries," and went on to say that his father was in fact riding "tremendous" momentum.

Although the anti-Trump liberals are likely to blame this response on Trump supporters just being a sore loser, this is actually the fact that the Democrats are so afraid of losing that they have been skewing their polls to make the support for Hillary look over-inflated by asking significantly more Democrats that Republicans.

When the truth about the sampling of these polls come out that they are heavily skewed left it is easy to see why it may look like Hillary may have just jumped ahead in the polls. When these polls are compared to the polls that sample a fair sample size and show results neck and neck the picture starts to really come together and make sense.

Eric Trump did the right thing by revealing the true nature of these liberal pollsters. Whether or not you are a Trump supporter or not we all deserve to see honest polls that show the true opinion of the country and not just a hand picked selection of scheming Democrats.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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