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Bob Benner, an East Setauket farmer, and his family have lived off 15 acres of land since 1977. His self-sufficiency has helped him take care of his family without begin gone for extensive hours.

“We learned, made, and had our own heart. We made our own food. We made our own clothing. We raised a garden,” Bob Benner said. With six people to feed on a relatively tight budget, Bob Benner started raising specific farm animals for food.

Over the past few decades, Bob Benner’s farm has become a popular attraction for class trips for kids, strawberry picking, and birthday parties. This is how Kimberly Sherriton, a mother from the town of Commack, got involved with a cow at the farm which she saw from birthday parties.

When Kimberly Sherriton heard that the 2-year-old cow was going to be killed for dinner for the Bob Benner’s, she was heartbroken. Bob Benner told Kimberly Sherriton that he does not wish to sell the cow because he can’t afford to buy that quality of food for his family.

However, Kimberly Sherriton still thinks he needs to get meat from the store and not from the cow.  “He doesn’t need this cow to survive and feed his family. He puts a sob story on there. Please, tell him to go to Whole Foods and go get some anti-biotic free beef there,” she said.

Kimberly Sherriton seems to be out of touch with reality. Some families still make a living off raising animals for meat and growing vegetables.

Instead of complaining, maybe Kimberly Sherriton should have donated some money to the family to get more animals or helped the family with some of their expenses.

However, it seems rather typical that the person doing the most complaining doesn’t want to help and only wants what she thinks is best for herself. Do you think Sherriton is out of line?

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