Recently a fed up Facebook user had seen enough of the madness and chaos going on in the world today and decided to make a post, explaining how he feels. He never thought the post would get the reaction that it did. Now the post has gone completely viral and is being shared countless times on social media.

Facebook user Grant Phillips came after liberals and their disgusting hypocritical behavior. He called them out for constantly making excuses for the behavior of everyone except for that of Conservatives.

"If you yell 'f*** white people' while torturing a special needs white kid, the city of Chicago won’t call it a hate crime and the superintendent will say it's 'just a bunch of kids.'"

"If you yell 'alluah Akbar' (sic) right before blowing yourself up in a public area, POTUS won’t call you an Islamic terrorist."

"If you burn down cities and destroy property, you’re a misunderstood protestor (sic) fighting oppression."

"But if you voted for Trump, you’re a violent racist and white supremacist."

The post only received a modest reaction directly on Facebook but was shared on the website iFunny, and as of late Friday the post had already received almost 100,000 likes.

The post may have outraged many, mostly liberals, but it makes some very valid points. It's time that we start addressing this massive issue that nobody in America seems to want to talk about, that these issues do exist and it's not racist or xenophobic to call white conservatives morons and bigots and any other term you want to dish to them, but the second you start talking about any other group of people it's way off limits and you've crossed the line.

Please share this on Facebook if you agree that this hypocrisy has gone on for way too long and it's time America addresses it head on.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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