This mom finally took a stand on the gender bathroom debate. She decided to take a series of pictures around her house in various costumes but she ended up getting a lot of heat from what was in her left hand.

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A mother in Washington state took several pictures at home to post online which shows her in various parts of her home. However, some couldn’t help but see what was in her left hand in all three shots, and on the floor in the fourth.


Kristi Merritt said that she was just being bold when she shared the photos of herself on social media, in hopes of making a point. What she didn’t expect was the amount of outrage that ensued and the backlash from Facebook she received, when they blasted her for creatively expressing herself.

The public bathroom debate has recently been brought back to the surface as a sickening reality of our society today, after the recent passing of the “Religious Liberty” legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi, where these states shut the bathroom doors on anyone identifying differently than how they were born.

Merritt couldn’t keep quiet her outrage about allowing transgenders in the restrooms of their choice. A female’s right to privacy has been tossed aside in most states across the nation, to make way for another deplorable hallmark of Barack Obama’s presidency, which he’ll leave behind when he finally walks out of the White House for good.


The mother made the point that just because a man puts a dress on doesn’t mean he’s a woman, just like if she dons a jersey she’s not a professional football player, nor does a sombrero make her Hispanic. In each dressed up example of different roles she “identified” as, she held a sign in her left hand that asked the question if wearing that outfit made her the person she claimed to be in it.

While like-minded and equally outraged people on social media applauded her point, garnering more than 30,000 shares of her post, liberals came out in force, reporting her photos to Facebook on a false claim of “nudity,” Independent Journal Review reported.

Not only was this brave mother fully dressed, she also has the same right to free speech as the liberals who are trying to shut her down. As these things tend to go, their efforts worked. Merritt received a message from Facebook claiming that she must remove the post for violating the community standards of nudity. “THIS IS HOW THE LEFTIST HATERS function, only they have free speech,” she wrote in her scathing announcement of the notice she received.

She didn’t let their accusations of her slide, defending herself and her post in a response to Facebook. Having been given the option of leaving her pictures up or risk having them removed, she chose to keep her post public. It remained that way for just a short time, before liberals got what they whined for and it was taken down.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that this woman was censored, while on any given liberal site, hate, threats, and nudity from feminists are put up on the regular without any recourse. More disgusting than the removal of her post, is the bigger issue at hand and her reason for why her message was necessary.

There is absolutely nothing to stop a male criminal from dressing as a woman and wreaking havoc on a crop of vulnerable victims in a bathroom. They are now told they can go there and nobody can question it, because one side is given a right they don’t deserve at the cost of taking it from innocent others.

Source: Mad World News

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