Tom Selleck has never backed down when it comes to speaking his mind. The roles he plays reflect his conservative attitude and this is very well part of his charm as an actor.

This is a great example of life imitating art as Tom Selleck rips into the naive stupidity of liberal politicians who support the Black Lives Matter group.

Mr. Conservative reports:

Tom Selleck has never been afraid to take a stand for patriotism in the liberal world of Hollywood. He did this once again this week in an episode of his hit CBS television show Blue Bloods.

The episode is titled “Flags of Our Fathers,” and in it Selleck’s conservative character Frank Reagan comes in contact with a crazed liberal named Gore, who organizes a protest to burn the American flag at a veteran’s memorial.

According to Conservative Tribune, Reagan tried to talk Gore out of burning the American flag, telling him that he will lose any sympathy for his message by burning the flag.

The liberal, however, won’t hear any of it and moves forward with burning the flag. Before he leaves, Reagan tells Gore that only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.

Just as Reagan predicted, the riot incites violence and Gore tries to blame the police for not protecting him. Reagan shot him down fast, telling him that the cops did their jobs. When the liberal announces plans to do another similar protest, Reagan then gives him a firm dose of reality.

“That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice,” Selleck’s character said. “You’re spitting on their graves.”

This scene rings especially true today, when Obama’s race-baiters are constantly burning the American flag. We applaud Selleck for courageously telling this story despite the threat of liberal backlash!

BRAVO! We hope you enjoyed this scene showing Tom Selleck standing strong for Old Glory and the message it conveys.

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