Perhaps the best way to begin this article is to quote the young Antifa woman covering the bottom half of her face with a scarf after a reporter at the riot scene in Berkeley asked her about “M-80’s" being thrown at an elderly Trump supporter who fell to the ground…her response; “well the revolution isn’t f**king easy.”

And indeed it isn’t as anarchist Louise Rosealma soon found out when she was about to attack a male Trump supporter with a bottle and instead got “clocked” in the face.

Watch at the 18-second mark closely and you can see the woman cock her arm back about to throw a punch with a bottle in hand. While hitting a woman is never something to condone if she was indeed about to hit a man with a bottle then it falls under self-defense.

You can see the bottle the woman was holding clearly in a photo taken of the event:

Rosealma along with her boyfriend are members of “Oak Roots Collective” a loosely organized group of radical leftist loons, where intimidation and violence are the political weapons of choice, as demonstrated over the weekend at Barkley.

Moreover, the “punching out” of a radical young feminist by a male Trump supporter apparently sent CBS looking for the “young victim” to spin the incident regarding the male bully.

And what follows next would make “Pravda proud” and no doubt that’s exactly what CBS was looking for, a propaganda video that would capture the vulnerable young woman, looking quite demure and reserved, a well spoken young lady attempting to explain to the interviewer what took place.

The young woman speaking softly explains how she was separated from her boyfriend and the next thing she knows she’s surrounded by Trump supporters.

She now goes into detail how she was suddenly attacked and punched in the nose, and how the blow cuts her nose, she then recalls she was “kneed” several times in the forehead.

She continues in graphic detail how Trump supporters were “trying to crush her skull on the curbs and on the planters.” While all the while claiming the attack was unprovoked.

The 8-plus minute video continues describing the horror this young woman went through, until a still photo appears on social media of the exact incident, and the moment leftist loon Louise Rosealma got punched in the face, as she was about to hit a young man she confronted with a bottle which is quite visible in the photo.

Moreover, there’s another video of Rosealma, not quite as staged and choreographed, as CBS’s that shows citizen journalist Tim Pool talking to Rosealma after she was punched exclaiming; “well the revolution isn’t f**king easy.”

And indeed it isn’t because Trump supporters are now prepared to fight back!

Do you think this violent anti-Trump supporter deserved to be punched or is she the innocent victim here?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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